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People these days due to their busy schedule are forgetting the real meaning of life. People are planning everything separately. Their fitness planning, their diet planning, their financial planning. Actually everything is interrelated. They need to find the link between it, all of it is same and not different. You need to work in harmony with the elements not separately.

I see many people appreciating yoga and Ayurveda, and i feel that we should understand the importance and relevance of these two things in our life. Yoga and Ayurveda go hand in hand. They are part of life, and should be associated with one’s daily routine. People are too busy these days for many different reasons.

We need to work in harmony with our body to be able to work well and be stable financially. Our physical fitness is very important and to achieve success.

In order to stay fit you don’t need to do much. Just eat right and exercise right. Ayurveda is nothing but what you eat. If you eat right you will always stay fine. Just imagine olden days people never used to take medicine as their food habits were based on medicinal qualities it had. Ayurvedic medicines are made from these herbs that they used to eat. So if you eat properly it will help you. Food is a medicine and if medicine is taken more it will have adverse effects. Like obesity, blood pressure, cholesterol. We have forgotten that our food is our medicine and have changed its basic form just to adjust to our taste. It is very important to pay attention to what we eat. Excess of any particular food is harmful for you body. So balance out what you eat and number of times and quantity you have been taking should be observed. If you pay attention you will see that you were doing lot of things wrong and will try to rectify it.

We all are humans and control ourselves always that is the reason exercise is very important for the human body. Best exercise is not just for the body as the body is a slave of your mind. So we need an exercise which helps our mind and body both. This type of exercise is Yoga. It balances the hormones in mind and body both. So we need to eat right and exercise right.

Yoga and Ayurveda or in simple words food and exercise are key to stay fit. Just turn back to basics, there is no need to plan everything separately work in harmony with the nature and everything will fall into place.Eat right exercise for sometime, try walking, meditate while working it will cool you down. Just try to remain simple and it will help you in leading a peaceful and successful life.

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In life I have learnt only one lesson that what ever has to happen will happen only in its due course. No body will get their due share before its time. When the appropriate time comes things will start falling into place. By cribbing, irritating, stress nothing is going to happen.

I keep getting irritated due to certain incidences and situations life bestows upon me from time to time. I get angry on my daughter, get irritated but after everything finishes start feeling guilty. Why do I do all this. What is the fault of a small baby. I regret later but what is the benefit of regretting later. The child would have hurt her feeling, would have felt annoyed at you.

There is no other solution to all the problems other than patience. We have to be patient no matter what happens. Whatever is happening is meant to happen. Time will not remain, have faith. If it is tough time it is going to pass soon. Wait patiently things will improve soon, just keep your cool. Every moment brings some change, just wait and watch what is happening. Whatever will happen it will happen for good.


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Gobhi Manchurian


During rainy days we all feel like eating something tasty, yet healthy. Today I am going to share the recipe for the same.

Cauliflower 1 pcs cut into small florets

onion 1 finely chopped

garlic 4 cloves finely chopped or crushed

ginger 1/2 inch grated

cornflour 1 cup

all purpose flour(maida) 1/2 cup

rice flour 2 table spoon

spring onion chopped 1/2 cup


In a bowl mix corn flour, rice flour, maida, salt and black pepper. Add water and make a thick paste. Cover cauliflower florets and leave for half an hour. Then deep fry them till golden brown. Strain on a tissue paper and keep aside.

In a wok heat 2 tablespoon of oil add green chilies, garlic, ginger, onion and spring onion then add 1/2 cup tomato sauce sauce according to chili sauce sauce, some soya sauce, 1 tsp vinegar, little bit of sugar, salt according to taste. Make a semi liquid gravy. Add fried cauliflower just before serving otherwise they will become moist. Just toss the pieces before eating and serve hot.Garnish with chopped coriander.

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Increase your value


I find people not happy with their current position, they are dissatisfied with the way their career path shapes, how people handle them. They are not just satisfied with what they have in life. They feel they are not respected by others, not loved by them.

What I personally feel is that firstly and most importantly respect yourself and love yourself. Don’t let others price you, set your own price. You are valuable, value yourself. Life is too short to live on others terms and conditions. Don’t let others dictate you. Increase your value and adding a new skill by brushing up your old skills. Improvement and learning should always go hand in hand.

Keep learning and keep improving. Just accept your uniqueness and your value will go up. The moment we start loving our self, we become precious. So work towards in pricing yourself correctly.


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Force feeding and Forced learning


The interest towards something you do brings success along with it. Whether it is learning or eating. I associate both of them together. One of it benefits your body the other benefits your mind. But what happens when you force something? It adversely affects us. When you are interested in eating and someone feeds you forcefully, you are not benefited by it. But if you eat something by your willingness, whether the quantity is less, it gives you pleasure and good health.

Same for learning if you are studying something without interest then you won’t understand the concept. But if you like the concept and you are interested in knowing it, you will remember it always.

So never force feed your child and never force the child to learn. Let it come naturally to her. That is the reason that so much importance is being laid towards early leaning. It is because children are unaware of realities. They are like wet clay. You can mold them in your way. That is why we teach what all we want during the initial years. So that if they start enjoying it they will continue learning.

Learning happens throughout our life, it never stop. If you stop learning your life ends. Same with eating, you eat throughout your life. What you eat makes you. Again if you stop eating you die. In order to live a healthy life you need to pay attention towards  what you eat and what you learn.

If you eat only junk you can imagine what will happen to you, and if you continue learning without a proper mentor and wrong teachings, you can very well imagine what will happen to you.

What ever is happening today to eliminate it we need to eat and think right. Please pay attention towards your food and thought, and more importantly towards what you are feeding  your child in her plate and in her brain.

Live life in a healthy manner.

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Thin line difference between right and wrong


Very often I feel that people are becoming too materialistic and are forgetting the thin line difference between right and wrong. It is very important to understand that to do what is correct is very important. The ethics are very important for us. We are letting off ethical values for momentary benefits. We think that what difference will it make. We always forget that it is very important to take the initiative, to start, people will follow and even if they don’t follow we should be confident towards what we are doing.

The population is growing and we all call ourselves educated but what is the use of education if we loose on ethics. Then why do we feel frustrated over the terrorist, with the growing terrorism, corruption. They all are doing the right thing, they all are doing what their heart desires. But do you feel that it is right?

This is the difference that I am talking about. It is hidden in the self awareness. Awareness towards good and bad. No government or NGO or any third person can bring peace. If the person is not at peace within himself we will bring turbulence in others life also.

Satisfaction is the key towards happiness. Knowledge of your limits is the secret towards prosperity. The resources are not just for you, God gave them for everyone. Let everyone enjoy them, don’t just think about yourself.

There is a increase in terrorism because people are thinking only about themselves and they feel that what they are doing is right.

If you are happy with yourself you will bring happiness in others life. Playing with someone’s life will never bring happiness. Be at peace with yourself and live life gratefully.

Whatever God has bestowed us has to be nourished and cherished and not to be exploited and demolished. Try to find the line between right and wrong, it is an invisible one but it is there. Just pay attention, it will make this world a better place to live.

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Secret to peace….


We all get tensed, frustrated, agitated because we think too much. All we need to be happy is to live in present, live today, live this moment.What we have now will not be the same in the next moment. Thinking about too many things leave you occupied. To stay relaxed you need to be free. Free from all the belongings, from all your thoughts. The more baggage you carry the more heavier you will feel. Try to be be as light as possible.

Free your mind from all thoughts. Speak out and forget. Clinging on too long will eventually break it and here it will break you. So help out yourself. Indulge in something you like. Give time to yourself. nourish yourself, as it is you who is sailing the boat. No one else is going to do it for you.

People will always try to pull you down, it is your will power to stand by your self. To be relaxed all we need to do is live in Now. Live today, just live every moment. Life is a journey and all are passersby. We have met so many people in our life do you remember all of them? Whom you visit daily since birth? It’s you. It’s you who is the secret towards peace and how you achieve peace? By living every moment.

LIVE LIFE DON’T WASTE IT. It’s beautiful cherish it. Live whatever comes your way. Everything has a purpose. When life gives you lemons make a lemonade.

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Let kids remain kids


Just look around we have so many different things happening. If we don’t do something we feel guilty. The overdose of options available to a parent leave a child exhausted. We have so many things coming up for children that it is difficult to decide what to do and what not to do. A general tendency that I see among parents is that how much they say that they agree to the fact that their child is different, they don’t agree to the fact that their child is different. They always want their child to do everything that other children are doing. We are in a rat race and we are sending our children also into it.

Each child should get the right stimulus at the right time. They should get an opportunity to explore different activities. But exploring different things doesn’t mean that they excel in it always. Every child is unique and they have their own likes and dislikes. Give them opportunities without labeling them. With expectations from them. Let them enjoy the activity. Whether it is art, craft, singing, dancing, sport, instrument. They can’t excel in everything, but they can enjoy everything.

Keep life of your child as simple as possible. Turn back to your basics. A child is a child, they will grow and mature at their own time. Let them enjoy this beautiful journey called childhood. Just for few proud moments or a few claps and cheer don’t bring down their pride.

Today’s children are a lot more capable and mature. We need to accept the fact and try to give them safe and healthy environment. Let them relax, let them enjoy, let them be happy and above all let them be a kid. It’s time for us to mature, not for them.

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Whenever I feel confused or low and think calmly, I realize that the only thing which is helping this world exist is trust. It is the trust which keeps us going. 

It also shows that how important it is to be responsible to be trustworthy. Time and again people play with your trust, they test you but still we need to move on and stick to our basics.

I am writing this because recently I have got to see that people are loosing trust easily. It is basically due to over supply of the resources and due to half knowledge about the product. Due to easy access to internet we feel we know everything, whereas it is not the case. We need to rely on the expertise of the other person have faith, have patience and above all have trust in them.

Dissatisfaction is growing immensely today. I feel there is a lot to do because of lack of passion towards what you are doing. If you love and enjoy what you do, there is no force which can pull you behind in  giving out nothing but the best. People are getting bored too early and loose interest in what they do. Stick to your plan, give time. Magic is just an illusion, magic don’t exist. It is pure hard work, planning and commitment that gives results.

People keep changing schools due to distrust in the policy of the school, teacher. Before taking a decision do an in depth research. After that take a back seat and relax for sometime. We are all educated and have knowledge and resources to explore. Use them and then trust that the other person will not harm you.

When I speak about trust, I firstly mean TRUST YOUR OWN SELF. Trust your intuition, don’t give it a deaf ear. It has all the answers, just pay attention and trust your inner voice. You will never go wrong. Believe in yourself is the way towards success.


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Do it at the right time

Timing for doing anything and everything is very important. If we do the right things at the right time the possibilities of success are not guaranteed but definitely more. Same holds true with education or learning.

The best knowledge to give a child is at her younger age. The more stimulus we provide to the child at smaller age we make them more confident and provide with them lot of free time once they grow up.

I feel that in smaller age the focus should be laid on music, arts and dance as these skills are quite important for the grown ups to keep them sane. Whenever we are stressed out and we indulge in any of these activities it helps us to revive. And when i say it is better to introduce them at younger age is because they have lot of time and energy. as they will start growing up the focus will shift towards studies and we have to provide right stimulus to develop it. By the time they grow up they have developed a love for the art form. Which will help them throughout their life. Our main focus towards a child should be to enjoy the stimulus that we provide them and not make them professional in that. The soul idea is the type of seed we sow we get the same plant.

Professionalism will come later in life once they grow up and really eager and passionate about it. Once a child is 6 years of age she should be encouraged to choose a sport in which she excels. Outdoor sports are very important for children nowadays not to win medals for the country but to keep their health intact.

And once the child is close to 10 years of age focus should be towards studies, right inputs should be given to keep the interest level high. Experiments, Abacus, Robotics are just to name a few.

So if you start at the right time the right thing the chances of better results are expected. To make it clearer a child has developed a flair for ARTS, the expertise will keep improving as she grows. With the exposure to SPORTS her body is fitter which will help to handle the stress in the coming years with STUDIES, and right exposure makes them achieve the goals much easily.

So, the earlier we start it is a more healthy start.

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