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Say no to preservatives

Mothers always have a tough time trying to make their kids eat healthy. It’s a never ending battle between the two were usually the kids win. Mothers spend hours cooking hot, delicious meals for the kids but the kids end up eating either not finishing the meal or eating it after it has turned cold.

So, why is it that kids today prefer unhealthy food over naturally available food? My child’s choices made me wonder if he was getting enough vitamins and minerals. I even wondered about the kind of preservatives used in those packaged products.

One of the most popular packaged foods is a fruit drink. I was always curious to know what’s inside those juices that made them taste so fresh. Then I learnt the harsh truth of “added sugar and preservatives”.

In order to gain more awareness on this subject, I attended a meet organized by #Tinystep and #TropicanaIndia on “Keeping up With Nutrients”. The panel comprised of a nutritionist, dietician and an R&D expert from Pepsico. There were 25 other mom bloggers at the event. We could clear any doubts we had about the making of these juices. This session definitely gave me a lot of insights about Tropicana juices. I was relieved to know that Tropicana 100% and Essentials range contains no added sugar and no preservatives.

The packaging of Tropicana juices is done by Tetra Pak which comes with 6 layers for complete protection from the external environment. Hence, there is no requirement to add any preservative. The packaging itself is sufficient to keep it as healthy and fresh as you need it.

It’s absolutely fine for children to consume juices when we know the ingredients well-enough to trust that brand. Tropicana has started a new range of juices called Tropicana Essentials. Tropicana essentials is a new range which is a blend of fruits and vegetables fortified with essential nutrients.Right now, there are two variants available – Tropicana Essential Iron and Tropicana Essential Fruits and Veggies. As you might have guessed by the name, they contain essential nutrients like iron, Vitamin A&C required for my child’s proper nutrition. Tropicana juice should not, however, be considered as a supplement but can be added to complement a healthy lifestyle.

Although it is recommended to consume 5 servings of fruit and veggies per day, the average intake is only 3.5 creating an average deficiency of 1.5. Just 1 serving (200 ml) of Tropicana Essentials FRUIT & VEGGIES is equivalent to consuming 1 serving of fruits and vegetables thus helping to bridge the nutritional gap.

So, the next time you give a glass or a pack of juice to your child, be assured that you are making the right choice. One serving of Tropicana juice per day along with well-balanced nutritious meals will help your child to obtain the essential nutrients that they need.

Just take a sip and relax… Trust your motherly instinct, as I always say. It can never go wrong.

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Global Indian International School

When it comes to choose a school, it is not an easy choice for any parent to make. We look for so many things : Safety, security, curriculum, board, activities.

After all our child will stay in that environment for 10 to 12 years straight away. How can we decide on such an important decision so quickly. We visit so many schools, we check their reviews, inquire the parents, then finally listen to our intuition and decide on a school.

Recently I was invited for a bloggers meet by an international school. Got an opportunity to closely monitor and check how schools are working. They are doing so many thing to help the child to develop and enjoy their time in the school.

Schools are laying a lot of focus towards hands on learning and holistic development.   The one thing that attracted me was that all the art work anywhere and everywhere was done by teachers or students. It was not done by any painter or professional. The size of the classroom, hygiene everything was given importance. One more thing that attracted me was that each child was given importance and more than that each teacher was given importance too. It brings a sense of responsibility and belonging towards the school. Everyday responsibility of the teacher is changed.

The way each child is developed, evaluated and taken care off is commendable. It is a new school in Bangalore, in spite of it they have been awarded for 4 years.

The team behind it is doing a beautiful work. Children mark their own attendance, teachers issue a toilet pass. There are so many things that caught my attention. A calendar  for each child, so that they come to know about the activities that will be performed in the school.

A lot of planning and a thought process can be felt behind each decision and activity. They have branches in the whole country as well as in other countries too. They stand by their name GLOBAL. Their presence is all around the globe. They are growing every year.

If someone is looking for a holistic development of a child, it is one school.  Located in the Whitefield area of the city, the school offers CBSE curriculum. It is one of those schools who are taking efforts to provide a holistic environment for the development of your child.

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Skola Toys

We all loved to play with toys and still love to do it. But we can see the change in the mindset of parents these days.They prefer screen and gadgets more than toys. Screen is  easy way out for them.

Even when we go to a toy shop we get lot of plastic and electronic toys where a child is not left to do much with.They just press the button and they are done. These type of toys are not a substitute for screen time.

A toy is something which challenges the child, brings out the creativity and imagination in them. Keep them occupied at the same time help them in exploring new things.

When #Skolatoys invited me for the bloggers meet. I experienced their research behind the toys. The Material that was used, why it is used. They use wood as wood is sturdy and wooden toys are called generation toys as they can be passed on, they are so long lasting.The concepts they had covered. The way it was represented. Their inspiration behind the design and toys none  other than Dr. Maria Montessori was quite evident.

I would highly recommend if anybody is looking for a good educational toys please check out #skola for sure.You will get beautiful experience and your your child will learn a lot more than you can expect.

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Why best mosquito repellent is a must for travellers?

With all the dreadful diseases that mosquitoes spread, it is of utmost importance to know of ways to keep them away. Whether you are going out on a drive or for a weekend getaway, carrying the best mosquito repellent is a must.

Good knight provides a range of products including child-safe mosquito repellent and mosquito lotion to ensure that your family is protected from the danger of a small bite. With the most innovative and affordable product in the home insecticide category, Good knight helps the entire country protect itself from mosquitoes.

Check the entire range here They have come up with new product range

The cute range  of products featuring one of  their favourite character Chota Bheem. It makes a little easy for mothers to take care of their children easily and safely.Without any hassle and worry.

For every mother their child is first priority and  keeping them safe is of top concern.The range of products  is good. One should try it out themselves to believe.

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The importance of an RO water purifier

Drinking water quality is one of the key concerns in the modern era. Pollution is on a gradual rise, which makes it necessary to ensure proper purification standards to safeguard health of your family members. The old filtration methods cannot tackle the impurities adequately, hence the need for an RO water purifier.

 RO is considered to be the best bet for water purification. RO stands for reverse osmosis, which involves filtering water by subjecting it to high pressure in order to remove traces of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and THMs from water.

Now this is something that every purifier promises but the task is to find the best RO water purifier.

  Livpure’sRO purifier is equipped with an extensive purification process that filters our all-possible impurities from the water and ensures good health for your family members. Under its warranty process, there are also provisions for replacement of the RO water purifier filter that is the major contributor in cleaning the impure water.



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Spinach Pancake

Do you often feel tired? Do you have pale skin? Hair fall? Nails that break away easily? Well, all of these are visible signs and while we experience these symptoms we do not realize that we may be iron deficient. Every second woman in India is iron deficient. Iron-deficiency anemia reduces the work capacity of a woman bringing serious social, lifestyle and economic consequences in her life.

Today I am going to share a recipe which is healthy and tasty. You can give it to your children in their tiffin and once they are off to their school. You can enjoy along with your cup of tea. With some relaxing ME TIME.


Spinach boiled and pureed 1 cup

1 cup Gram flour

1 onion chopped

1 tsp grated ginger

1 tablespoon chopped corriander

1 tsp cumin seeds

A pinch of asefotedia

Salt according to taste

Chilli powder as per taste

1 chopped green chilli


Mix everything together. The batter should have the consistency of dosa batter. Heat the pan grease it with some oil. Pour the batter on the pan. Make small pancakes. Drizzle it with ghee or oil. Flip it once done on one side.

Your quick, easy, healthy and tasty spinach pancake is ready. To make it more nutitous you can add sprouts also.

Give it your children in their tiffin with some ketchup or pickle. You can enjoy it with green chutney and tea.

I hope you liked it.#iron chef contest, #livogen, #lifestyle, #food and drink.



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The best ways to keep the indoor air fresh and pure

Investing in your health is one of the best things to do. Not just having a good diet, and drinking purified water, but also breathing good air is of utmost importance. Buying good air purifiers for home is a must today!

An air purifier is a great way to clean the impure air and stay healthy. With global warming, there is a rise in the amount of dust, dirt and other airborne particles, which are all so small that we don’t realize when we track them into our homes.

The quality of air in your home is important, and purchasing an air purifier can help to improve your breathing. With Livpure’s wide range of air purifiers in India, remove the large particulates such as pollen with a pre-filter and keep away from air-borne diseases.

To check more about the brand and the price of air purifier visit their website Product suitable for your home can be checked here Livpure is a leading and trust worthy brand. For small children it has become extremely important to breathe fresh and clean air. Do try it out and share your experience.


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We all have just finished with our grand festival…DIWALI….

More than Diwali puja or crackers and sweets, for us Diwali is about cleaning..:)

Cleaning the house, getting rid of the old clothes, old gadgets, anything not being used. I had been doing this so-called Diwali cleaning for so many days prior to Diwali. When I saw the amount of old junk lying in our house. I thought and said to myself. This Diwali I would definitely get rid of all this junk. Found a person who would take the junk and would also pay something for them, but when the actual time came to get rid of them. I started feeling nostalgic. All the memories related to those old gadgets came in front of me, and at last all those memories in the form of my old junk or gadgets, books and clothes everything is lying safe in our cupboard..:) What we actually got rid of were the old newspapers..:)

So this Diwali cleaning I piled up and segregated all the useful and useless stuff of my house, but have not been successful in getting rid of it. This was my story behind the cleanup of my house. So I got cash only for the newspaper cleanup.What about you?

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Importance of cursive writing

We need to understand the importance of handwriting and the importance of cursive writing. We always hear a for and against debate about writing. Writing is an important aspect in the development of a child. It helps to develops their hand muscles and enhances their imagination.A beautiful handwriting is a confidence booster and cursive handwriting helps them to gain speed.

You can feel the difference between text writing and cursive writing. If you use text, you will see that the speed is a bit slow and if you use cursive the speed of your writing increases. It helps when you grow up. When the notes to be prepared are more. When the written load is more. It helps you at that time. If you use cursive it will ease the process of writing and taking down the notes. Do try it out or compare the differences between someone who uses text and someone who uses cursive.

Now you might wonder if it is useful in the later age why do we need to use it now with our little children?

The reason behind imparting this technique to young children is because small kids are like wet clay. They can be molded in the way we want. They don’t know what is right and what is wrong. They have not set their parameters. They are still learning and are eager to learn. So, it is much easy to teach them at an early age what is good for them.

Small children are still developing their grip, muscle formation is developing. It is the right time to give them the stimulus to use it in the right way. That is the reason Dr. Maria Montessori introduced cursive letters and small letters before the capital letter to young children. Children are unaware what is difficult and easy. They are just learning.

So, if we introduce them without stress and in a fun way, they will pick it up. But what we do is we start to stress on repetition, and this repetition leads to boredom. So avoid repeating things with the child. Let the child enjoy, if you feel the child is getting bored leave it. Do it some other time.

Our aim is to provide the best to the child and to provide the environment which is suitable for their development. Which will help them once they grow. So, encourage your child to write, don’t force them to do it. Small efforts reap to better results. Encourage your child, appreciate them always. Appreciation develops confidence and motivates to do better.

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When I sit alone and just ponder about something. I always think and thank God for all that has been given to us by him. But what are we doing towards it. We are stressed about earning money. But all the important things required in our life are free. Nature doesn’t charge us for it. Something that money can’t buy has been given to us through environment.

But we humans have started pricing it too. The clear example is water. We are happily paying for it at every nook and corner. At different places we are paying a different price for it.

That time is near when we will have to pay for clean and fresh air too. No wonder we will be paying the same way for oxygen cylinder the way we pay for cooking gas.

It is high time we protect and care towards our environment. Delhi and NCR are big time example towards the degrading air quality. Steps are being taken towards the betterment of it. But I feel every human being should work towards it.

One thing that I feel will help is WET WASTE segregation and compost made out of the wet waste. If we are able to improve the quality of soil, our trees and plants will be healthy. And as you all know health is wealth. If our environment is healthy, we will be healthy too. Increased number of trees, better soil quality will result into proper rainfall. Good and proper rainfall will produce better crops. Better crops will improve our health. And healthy human beings will be more content and satisfied and will be able to work in a much better way for their surroundings.

It is our duty and responsibility towards someone who has been working for us through ages selflessly, day in and day out. It is none other but NATURE. Without we caring for them they give us so much. Just imagine if we start thinking and empathizing and contributing in a more sensible way. Our planet will be much more healthier and happier.

So, let’s start and appreciate the efforts taken towards waste segregation. Wet waste is not a waste, let us understand that and let us try to give it back to the nature, from where we have got it. Let us start composting and provide our trees and plants better fertilizer. The secret to which is lying in our kitchen itself.


Clean and healthy environment is the key to healthy nation.