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19.12.14 my doll’s 2nd birthday


It’s my day….

A day that is so precious and auspicious for me. The birthday of my doodle. One more year went by, time is just flying want to hold it but it is just slipping by my hand. You understand the importance of time and life after having a kid, seriously, you just don’t want them to grow you just want to see them as your baby. But it won’t listen to anyone and kids grow really fast. Amazing.From those first steps to fast steps, from those babblings to statements, from innocence to tantrums, from acceptance to rejection, from unknown to known. They just change so much in just one year.

My baby is so so so different from what she was in her first year. For me my new year starts from 19 dec onwards because i start waiting for her next milestones, new surprises, new beginnings.

As I had told in my previous post this year was stressful for me and after being a mother when you have a baby alongwith you get one person to be with you in your good as well as bad. I have troubled my daughter also sometimes at the time of depression, have scolded her when she shows tantrums, I have tried to be sane in all my doings but from her very tender age itself i am trying to make her learn that what is wrong will stay wrong no matter what happens. I don’t know maybe i maybe wrong, but i want to tell my baby whenever she reads it that even i am a two year old mother, as a baby all your acts are first timers and so are mine. All my acts are first timers, all my testings are on you but be sure that whatever i do it has always been researched and tested, so they are not mere experiments.

For me my baby is my world my doodle is my life. I have become very possessive for her. Love her a lot.

Well now about her birthday, this birthday had been a very confused one we were so confused what to do, where to do, how to do. As we had shifted to a new city Hyderabad. But luckily everything went out perfectly . The due credit goes to my baby as she cooperated nicely. Without troubling any of us. Supported us in all our acts, whether cake cutting or the photo shoot. She was in…:)


Morning celebration

We had decorated the house for our princess in the night, as she sleeps early so we wanted to have cake cutting in the morning slot. As expected when she woke up she was so happy with the arrangements and she did not pull out any decorative items. Thanks baby. She was hugged, kissed and wished by all of us. After getting ready we did a small cake cutting. I prepared fresh cake in the morning. She was happy in cutting and feeding us but she was not interested in eating it. She got gifts from her BABI(grandma), Anurag uncle and Shraddha aunty, as we are new to this place so we kept it very personal. The other reason being we wanted her to enjoy the most, as it was her day.

My Birthday gift.. My cycle <3

My Birthday gift.. My cycle <3

Three generations....

Three generations….


I am at my venue...

I am at my venue…

Yummy Cake

Yummy Cake

Cake cutting

Cake cutting

My place

My place




Christmas tree

Christmas tree

This for my venue... Bye Bye

This was my venue… Bye Bye

Next in the evening we all went to the temple and after it we went to the spot where the official cake cutting was. It was a pink heart shape cake. We choose a playzone BUMBLE BEE. she loved the place. Did the cake cutting as expected she did not taste this either. She was more eager to go inside the play area and explore.All the kids present their participated in the celebrations. Gave gifts to them and then she enjoyed herself. While she was enjoying herself we were relishing the food.

After lot of photo shoot we headed back to our home. The day for which we had waited for the whole year has come to an end. One more year we have to wait to cherish this lovely day.

One thing we have understood is that at such a small age also she knew that it was her day, and there is something special about it. I want to promise my baby, your PAPA, MUMMA will make everyday special for you specially your birthday that is our promise to you my Princess.

Your Mumma and Papa are waiting eagerly for your next big day. Your papa worked really hard to make this day so special for you. All the decoration was done by him. The care that he takes in small intricacies to make it more adorable. I can tell you baby you will feel proud that he is your father.We look forward to all the days, you are the best gift God has given us. Thankyou God and thankyou baby for being a part of our life.

For now we are left with the fond memories of your lovely birthday.

Happy Birthday Samruddhi, Pihu, Angel, Doodle, my baby. Love you :) <3

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As this year comes to an end how can i not write about something that has changed my life. My mother left us on 26.08.2014. She had been suffering and had lost all the charm for life, didn’t had any desire to live. so, the almighty heard her prayers and called her to be with him. Same date but month of june and year 2012 i lost my father. life without parents is tough but without a mother its tougher. A mother is someone who comes to know about your feeling without being told. she understands you without being spoken. you won’t get a stronger shoulder to rely upon. I never thought i will become so weak after losing her. I have to fight back each day to be stronger. I am still trying to come back. i am becoming stronger each day and a little insensitive also, i don’t know whether it is good or bad for me, but things don’t influence me much now. let things happen if they have to happen. This is my current state, this is how i am. I don’t know what type of person i will become in future, future is so so unpredictable.

Two people who are the life and breath of my life have helped to me be alive and survive they are my HUSBAND and DAUGHTER. my baby gets more credit because she is with me the whole day the time when i feel sad, the time when i feel happy, being so small but seeing and getting reprimanded so often, when i feel happy i love her and when i feel lonely i scold her, i know at times i might be wrong but those are the times i can’t help and it is just me and her together. My only aim in life left is to be a good mother or the best mother on earth, again i don’t know how successful i would be but i want to give it my best shot and i am trying for it also. As motherhood doesn’t comes easy, but no excuses i have to play this role to its best. I have not been satisfied with myself in my role as a daughter, i don’t want to feel the same as for being a mother. When i leave the planet i want to feel satisfied and contented that yes i have done all my duties of a mother to its best, and yes i was the best mother.

My mother had been the best mom for me. she taught me what is required the most in this life to survive and that is independence. she made me independent. she gave me the freedom to make choices but kept a close watch as to what choices i am making. she always supported the truth and took the stride for right. these qualities have helped me in being what i am. whatever comes my way i can’t let go my ethics now, i strongly stand for what is right, and these qualities i have got from my mom.

I always use to say as a child that i love my DAD more but now when i don’t have them both by my side i have come to know that i love both of them equally, but it is much difficult for me live without my mom.

In Hindu mythology they say that father is like a sky who protects you always and mother is like earth who helps you survive always. it is very true.

Love your parents and above all love yourself because you are the one who has come from them. you, yourself, the soul is the most important person.

love yourself and be the change you want to see in others. nothing is permanent everything has to change, change is the most evident truth, accept it and move on, as i have i have accepted my parents are no longer with me but they are inside me forever and ever.…..


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First Birthday of my doll( SAMRUDDHI ) 19.12.13

It has been long pending to write. I promised i will write about my baby’s birthday and finally today here it is. I would like to take you on a photo tour for her birthday celebration. It was a big day for us which was awaited for a long time. Now being a mother i understand why first birthday is so important. Your do so many things for the first time, first smile, first roll, first push up, first sit up, first crawl, first step up, first tooth, first word, first food, first single step and first walk. Truly first birthday is by far the most important of all. We should celebrate it in best means where we could give regard to the baby for being the first one in our lives to show all these lovely first things. Now let me take you towards her first birthday. It has been five months now but still the feeling is just as yesterday.


The decoration



My doll is ready.. lets click a few pics for practice…)



My cake… I got it very less… mumma doesn’t let me eat sweets…..


Ready for cake cutting…


My visit to the ISKON temple

We had pizza party at home and dinner at HIGHER TASTE but my mom and dad forgot to click pics for the same…. she loved and enjoyed the day. Had fun with all the family members, got lots of hugs, kisses and gifts. In the temple special attention and pooja was done. The priest gave special garland and banana to her. Saw exhibition and saw a movie on  Krishna for the first time in a theatre, it was a small theatre only for kids.

A day well spent, I am very thankful to God for gifting me a child it is the best thing which can happen to anyone. May God bless everybody with a child and you all be able to do whatever is planned specially for first birthday. Many birthdays will come and go but i feel first birthday is very sacred for all the parents. Just do what your heart desires and make it a special day to cherish your entire life.

I love you my baby… thanks for being there. I scold you, shout at you, make you cry at times, but i must tell you, you are the only person in my life who is the most important, your father comes next.

Love you my baby… be happy always… keep smiling my doll….<3



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My Experiments

I truly believe that with the birth of a baby a new couple is also born known as parents. We learn so much, we experiment so much. I think it is not us who teach them but the other way round, it is the child who teaches us how to do things correctly. I have realized that children don’t cry uselessly it is us who have done something wrong and not appropriate for them, we don’t accept our fault and blame on them. I have blamed my baby a lot of time when i become mad and tired and then when i cool down i regret on being stupid. So just try to be patient and give some time towards your parenthood you will learn the traits and eventually become a proud and confident parent.

Well now lets discuss my experiments with my daughter.

1. Stole- I used all my colorful stoles to wrap my baby, to keep her warm during her newborn days and it worked as the more cozy they feel the better they sleep. I didn’t purchase baby wrappers and sleep suites.

2. Plastic sheet style diapers- Like bum genius, in India we have a company called tinycare, they have a diaper with insert. Due to the plastic covering it is durable during night time, i used it only during night as even with it baby gets some rashes. But they save a lot of money you spend over diapers and they give good sleep to the baby. But i don’t recommend it once a baby starts to roll over or sleep on his tummy as the Velcro irritates them on their hips. so till the time they are on their back it is good.

3.Quick dry sheet- It is a must have. Don’t go for the plastic sheet and homemade bed sheet or towel sheets. This sheet is really good. It absorbs wetness and keeps the baby happy.

4. Wipes- I made my own wipes for cleaning my child. Initially i used to purchase baby wipes but later i kept it only for travelling, at home i used home made wipes. I used old t- shirts soft ones to clean my baby.

5. Sanitizer- I prepared a sanitizer to use at home and commercial one is kept for travelling purpose.Just mix baby shampoo, dettol liquid, olive oil and water to make a solution and put it in a spray bottle use with home made wipes for easy clean up.

6. Potty Training- Introduce your baby to the potty as soon as she can sit comfortably without support, as soon as you do it sooner you can minimize your laundry as the baby too needs time to get used to it. Don’t expect your child to start giving you signals for po and pee, but yes if you make them sit at correct time they surely help you by doing in it. I purchased a small potty so that my baby is comfortable sitting on it and i can throw the waste using one hand plus it is easy to carry. I am not is favor of musical and fancy potties. I am not for it. I recommend simple one.

7.Feeding- Feed them small quantity and at regular intervals. Give them opportunity to self feed. Start with finger foods and slowly meals. I have still not touched meals yet. Use sippy cups for water when your baby is seven months old help him with it and  by eleven months she will drink from it nicely.

8. Cough and cold- Use nasal drops to ease respiration. use honey, basil leaves and ginger syrup. Use little quantity of basil leaves and ginger as it is bitter in taste.

9. Teething- Massage honey on the gums of your baby it soothes them, give them teethers to chew on. Start on with solids as it helps to lower the irritation as the chew the food.

10. Cows milk- when you introduce cows milk it should be undiluted and in smaller quantity to check the reaction, slowly increase the quantity. And supplement only one feed at a time. You can start with 30ml cows milk with rest of formula or water to slowly reach the required quantity with one one feed at a time rest feeding let them remain the same breast or formula. You can start the process once your baby completes eleven months so that by the time she a year old you can give her cows milk independently.

These are some of the things i did for baby and my experience of motherhood so far.

I hope you all are enjoying the journey with my baby. Happy parenting.

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Things that worked… things that didn’t..

As i told in my previous post that my baby’s birthday is approaching fast. So i want to enlist all the memories associated with this year.I am getting very less time to write so i am not able to upload the pics i would upload the pictures of my sweetheart later.

Now today i would like to tell you my experience with what worked for me during this time and what didn’t.

1. Sleeping- My baby has always slept by being rocked and rolled, you need to walk, cuddle, sing songs etc. Please don’t make it a habit for your baby, let the baby get to learn the art of sleeping on his own or with least effort involved with your help. Purchase a rocker, swing, cradle to help you a bit. So that you get little time off, otherwise you will be exhausted and will hurt your back. I purchased a carry cot instead of a cradle but i feel that i made a mistake i should have purchased a cradle, bouncer or a swing. Do purchase any of them according to your budget.

2. Carry cot- I purchased it and it has been useful too. It didn’t help me to make my baby sleep in it even during her newborn stage, as i don’t feel it is comfortable for them. I used it for a long time. It has been used in her feeding time, then for her bathing too. It is quite convenient and economical. After 11 months my baby is now refusing to sit on it for eating and bathing.As she wants to play. But otherwise it came in handy for a long time some way or the other for 11 months.

3.Sippers- I purchased them when my baby was seven month old, first i brought a hard spout one of MEE MEE. Please don’t purchase a hard spout until your child is at least 10 month old, then I purchased a soft spout sipper from Nuby, it is better at a young age and safe too as it is spill proof. From 10 month she is drinking independently from it without creating a mess, she is drinking from other one too but that is not leak proof, so i give it to her when i am around, so that i can clean the mess.

4. Potty seat- I purchased a potty seat when my baby was eight month old. She began to sit by that time. You cannot potty train them this early but you can eliminate the mess and the number of dirty panties for sure if you are careful with their schedule. It really works. like my baby used to urinate every 20 minutes so if i used it during that time she would pee in it. same goes with the poo… early morning if i make her sit on it she will do. Now she understands what it is meant for, so if she feels the pressure she will do it otherwise she will refuse to sit.

5. Solids- I started solids in the 6th month.As suggested by my doctor one teaspoon increased to a bowl. Feel it is really safe as the baby is small and when you introduce something new, it takes time for their body to adjust so if you increase the quantity gradually you come to know the consequences that how is it affecting the child.

6. Nasal drops and aspirator- My baby had to use nasal drops since birth as the doctor advised for it, but i was scared to use aspirator. Youtube videos really helped and since i learnt how to use aspirator i can keep my baby neat, clean and healthy.

7. Round walker- Don’t purchase them i have bought one it actually slows down the process of walking and is not safe, i am trying my best to help my baby to walk and waiting eagerly lets see when see does it. i would recommend from my experience purchase a ride on which can be converted in a standing walker that will be more useful.

8. Self feeding- My baby has started feeding herself finger foods but still not touched meals as it will be a mess. well but now i will have to welcome the mess. So i am planning to purchase a booster seat or a high chair to start this program. Will update how is it going. But finger foods she loves like crackers, toast fingers,sandwiches, chapati, boiled carrot, banana, apple. Be sure that the pieces as small to avoid choking hazard.

9. Bibs- A must to have during feeding time. Long bibs are better than short ones as they will protect the entire clothing.

10 Toys- Stacking toys, push and pull along, all kitchen items without any sharp edges they simply love them, musical toys and ABC book to introduce them to their future.

11. Last but not the least lot of patience you will need it a lot as they try to get on to your nerves at times, as you have to manage other things also along with your baby. But if you get frustrated you will worsen the situation instead of managing it.

So just be patient and enjoy motherhood and childhood as it comes to you. Do what you feel is right and good for your baby as every child and every mother is different, and who else knows a child better than her mom.

Happy parenting…. enjoy every bit of it.


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Time is near….

As the year is coming close to an end… so is my baby’s birthday. Next month she will be a year old. God time has just swept away, in all this hustle and bustle could never believe that it will run so fast. Sometimes we feel it should standby sometimes we feel it should move on. This is life, changing every second. When you have a child at home you correlate to it more precisely.

Well before my daughter turns one, I want to share all my experiences, my success, my failure, my do’s and don’t list. After all now I am senior to all the expectant moms and those whose babies are younger to mine.

As i have told in my previous blog post that first three months are way tough but i must say last three months before your baby completes his one year are even tougher or equally tough. Once they start crawling and pull up to stand, these little creatures already start feeling that they have conquered the world, but mom is always different she feels that they have to conquer and keeps protesting against all their frills and fancies. It is really tough to control them but it is must for their safety.

As the time is near for her birthday, lot of confusion is on how to celebrate it. I will definitely inform you on how it was celebrated in my next post.

Here i would like to share some special moments that my daughter bought with her in my life.

1. Her first cry. I had a C section delivery, when i was conscious i heard a baby crying but for a moment i forgot that i delivered because of the tremendous pain  and in the next second i related to the cry that this is my baby and she is hungry. Here only my ears were working.

2. Next comes my eyes, it is a real treat for a mother to see her baby. When i opened my eyes my baby was in the arms of a sister and she told me i have delivered a girl baby. When i saw her, there she was round like a circle crying loudly and totally pink… she was looking so so so sweeettttt like a sweet dish, wanted to kiss her.

3. When she was laid beside me and i could touch her, that touch is heavenly, a new person formed with your help is now an individual and is just by your side, OMG.. God is just awesome.

4. First night time walk in the hospital done by my husband to make her sleep, but it was first and last for him but they are still the same for me…:( her crying for milk..:( now it is not for milk anymore there are many more reasons, which are hard to understand…

5. Her responses to our talks, whatever we spoke she responded at right time. As if she understands whats going on and it is still the same.

6. Her first face to face smile around second month.

7. Her first turn around fourth month.

8. Her first two  pearl teeth they appeared pretty soon midway of fifth month.

9. Her starting solid she gave me a great relief as she she used to eat all that i prepared for her with great enthu and used to cry as the food finished.

10. Her first sit up around eighth month.

11. Her crawling started around ninth month still on as she loves it, don’t know when will she walk, as i eagerly want to see on her toes.

12. Her early morning cuddle, when she comes to wake me up… and her morning is pretty early, but that cuddle is infectious you feel like to stay with her for a long time, and she will quickly run away to her new found love……. table.

13. She loves to sit on that table and jump of it also, a trait acquired with the help of her Dad.

14. Her holding on to my feet when she crawls up to me so that i pick her up.

15. Her crying out loud that her Dad should not leave her and go.

16. Her watching us eat and asking for herself too.

17, Munching of biscuit……. best sound i have heard these days feels like to give her more but can’t as there is a limit.

18. Her making me angry for not eating properly and drinking, My scolding  her for being untidy and not listening.

19.Her restless nights which makes us even more annoyed.

20. and her smile, whatever you do or she does that smile makes us forget everything. Now i know why they say God comes in the form of a child, it is true when you see them smiling.

Countless are there memories every second every moment is made precious because of them. Thanks my baby for making our life so wonderful. Love you my sweetheart.

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A proud moment for my family and the credit goes to my hubby. Thank you so much for this wonderful karvachauth gift. Thank you God. Need your blessing today and always.

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13.10.13 – Mundan Ceremony

As promised i am back with the update of my baby’s mundan. Well it was a hectic day, i must say. As per Hindu calendar on the same day was my husband’s birthday also (officially it is on 10th October). So It was my daughter’s mundan, husbands bday, dussehra and satyanarayan puja at home.

So, to begin our day. We all dressed up in our new clothes, gave gifts to all the family members the previous day. My baby was looking a darling in her dress, sorry but we missed to click a pic in that dress and i regret it a ton. Well then we went to visit Durgaji temple as my husband’s hindu calendar bday falls on Navmi which is the last day of Navratri. After that we went to the parlour. Got her hair removed, she was quite cheerful in the starting but then she began crying and didn’t stop till we left the parlour. When we came back she slept off. In the evening she again wore a new dress, this time we did click a pic for it, and prepared for the puja. In between the puja itself we went to the temple, it is a ritual to visit the temple after the mundan ceremony. Came back, the puja at home was about to finish did rest of the formalities and finally a day most awaited came to an end. We slept with our BALD and beautiful baby. Now a little hair have started showing up… lets see what type they end to..:)

A cute and sweet ceremony of my baby. It is the third ceremony till now.

1. Kajal ceremony

2. Annaprasha ( food feeding )

3. Mundan ceremony





I hope you liked it…



My doodle

Love you

Love you My baby

It has been a long time friends. As you all know I am a mother now and it is tough to find time. I used to think that girls lie that they don’t get time after having a child. But now as I am on the same boat myself I agree to the fact. It is really hard to get some break and do what you feel like. When you are managing your baby yourself. But I must tell you, it is kind of a advice to all young girls planning to have a child or pregnant. Do take help in daily courses of life but things related to your baby, do it yourself. This experience will never come back. It is a moment to be cherished, don’t miss it and don’t give someone else a chance to eat your piece of cake, after all it is your baby.

I am in love with my baby. Since she is born.  I write about her, think, dream and just be her. I am not myself anymore, i am my baby.

I don’t know whether whatever I do is it 100% right for or not, but yes i love what i do for her.

First three months were way tough for me. I must admit living in a joint family has it own pros and cons and I was one of them to deal with it. Handle your baby, try to give her the best, control your postnatal depression and above all handle all the people you are living around. I swear it is extremely tough.

But after that a never ending learning and fun loving journey starts. As you have learnt in these three months that what works and what not works for your child.

My daughter has given a tough time in making her sleep, she never slept while feeding you have to rock n roll and keep walking the whole time for one hour and after that she will wake up after half an hour. OMG how i managed it, on top of that it was a c section. when you are not in a condition to sit, at that time you are required to move around. But all that made me stronger and more capable to handle my baby earlier. Thanks baby…:) at that point of time i never liked it, but now i feel happy that i did everything for my baby myself.

Things changed after first trimester passed( my baby was 3 month old) i traveled to my mother’s place, had a change, relaxed, and now the fun time was about to come.

My baby was learning to sit, trying to play on her tummy, trying to start solids. Oh God they grow so fast.

My baby is going to complete 10 months now on 19.10.13. she sits,crawls, try to stand, eat all type of food, drinks less milk, drinks even less water…:) she doesn’t like liquid much if it is liquid it is meant for play. she laughs with me, admires me, smiles back and cry a lot if I scold her which i do often … ;)

Waiting for the day when she will stand on her own and walk. She runs on her walker. says mamma, papa, mum mum, and other jargon’s which have still not been interpreted. She will be having her hair shaving ceremony on 13.10.13. On this day her hair will be offered to Goddess, she  will be bald giving way for new hair to take place…:) How will i see my baby crying and her locks being taken away. Oh God it is difficult to imagine. Will let you know how i felt and managed it.

loving every bit of motherhood and my darling doodle… baby I love you. I want to write everything related to her, so that when I am not there with her anymore she can read what her mom felt about her.

Baby you are my sweetheart… whether i am with you or not i will be with you for ever and ever.

May God bless my child she is the one who has given me all the happiness, i will never be able to do what she did for me by coming in my life, by being part of my life.


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Latest update on doodle( Samruddhi)


First outing


My daddy is best!!


with my cousin


Papa take me to real Disneyland….


I love balloons….


My comfy chair ;)




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